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About you/The performance: Our main focus lies on researching new approaches to common circus apparatus. At the moment we are on the way of creating our first evening filling show called „Systema“. Our show is about human interactions. „Four individuals are constantly interconnected by a single rope, forming a complex system of gears and bodies. Each performer acting like pieces, and numbers, functioning as a constructed system inside a larger machine. Until it reaches a breaking point. Through awareness of the others and themselves, a discovery of physical interaction begins. A chain reaction of events leads into an exploration of physical and emotional contact. Alternating between jumping, catching, bouncing, and spinning, transitioning to more intimate movements like supporting, hugging, balancing, and melting. Passing from a mechanical contact towards an intimate one, the physical memories of this experience are etched into their bodies, providing a lasting imprint of the journey together" Goal of residency: Since we are now pretty much in the middle of our process, our goal was to make a try out/work in progress showing at the end of the week with all the new material we have. We also worked together with Pia Meuthen that week, with the aim, that she could help us with our movement quality and having a view from the outside. We did achieve our goals and organized a try out where quite a few "important" people from Nord Brabant came. This made us really happy! Also working with Pia was a huge success! She helped us a lot and we all loved the way she worked with us and the inputs she gave. About the Circus Kapel: Julie burned Sandras pan.

Framing effekt working on new performance at Circus Kapel in 's-Hertogenbosch


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