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The opening of the Circus Kapel is an initiative of Sandra Smits (Buro Piket) and Marc Eysink Smeets (Festival Circolo). Festival Circolo and Buro Piket set up the Circus Kapel Foundation together because a beautiful place for a circus residence became available in the South of the Netherlands. Now that the number of circus companies working in the Netherlands is increasing, the need for residencies is also growing. In order to make this all happen Buro Piket and Festival Circolo established a new foundation: Stichting Circus Kapel.

The Stichting Circus Kapel is financially supported by the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the Province Noord-Brabant (Impulsgeldenregeling Kunstloc)


Offering circusmakers the space to realize their artistic dreams. That is what the Circus Kapel Foundation stands for. The Dutch circus field has been developing strongly in the last 15 years. More circus makers continue to work in/from the Netherlands and the interest from abroad to work in the Netherlands is increasing. To give this development room to grow further, places to create in peace are necessary. The Circus Kapel meets such a need with a space with sufficient height and (rigging) facilities. With the addition of the chapel to the Dutch circus field, a more complete infrastructure for circus in the Netherlands is slowly but surely emerging. The Foundation wants to be a platform in which makers, directors/choreographers, artists, musicians, designers, etc. can encounter and benefit from each other's expertise and experiences.


 © Jona Harnischmacher 


The Circus Kapel foundation was founded by Festival Circolo and Buro Piket. The board consists of Sandra Smits, Marc Eysink Smeets, Saar Rombout and Rozalinda Bovend'Eerdt.



We cooperate with cultural partners from 's-Hertogenbosch who provide space for the makers and disciplines in their network. The Circus Kapel is situated in the backyard of the city theatre: Theater aan de Parade, which makes it logical for us to work together. Also other organizations in ‘s-Hertogenbosch like Festival Cement, Theaterfestival Boulevard and TENT are partners of the Circus Kapel.

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