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If you are interested to work in the Circus Kapel you can fill in the Residency Request form here.

What you should know in advance:

- The Circus Kapel is available for periods of minimum 1 week (7 days)
- The use of the Circus Kapel is not for free, this is why we ask some info about your financial situation. When
we receive the request form we will contact  you and inform you about the costs for use of the space
-  FAIR PRACTICE. The Circus Kapel is a workshop where artists and makers can work who receive sufficient funding to pay themselves and the people
with whom they work an appropriate fee.

- You can check here if the workspace is available at your preferred dates.


All performing arts makers and artists are given time and space for consecutive days (minimum 1 week) to develop, research and experiment with their ideas. We offer a place for creation and development, but also to stimulate exchange, and facilitate presentations such as try outs/ open studio’s and work in progress during the residency periods.

Jona Harnischmacher Circus

 © Jona Harnischmacher 


We are genuinely and sincerely interested in the story, the trajectory and the plans of a maker/company. Based on this interest, we enter into dialogue with both professional and young talent, as well as amateur makers and aspiring professional makers and companies. We focus on new developments that have a plan of action with a timeline and dare to look for crossovers and the opportunities that the Bossche and Brabant cultural sector offers them.


We like to think along with the makers and compagnies and make as many connections as possible. The result of the development in the residency periods is registered on our website.

If a project needs a certain audience for a try out, or work in progress showing, it is possible to communicate about this to the network through our social media platforms.


Makers and artists are given time and space for a specified period to work in the Circus Kapel.
In order to realize the goals of exchange between makers, partners and the field, we strive for a policy in which a certain mix of makers use the workshop every year.

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