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About you/The performance: Diagonale du Vide is a company create on the idea of difference/contrast. It's a duo of two very different persons that share the belief on the importance of maintaining the difference as an important tool - without seeking for fusion - to highlight the uniqueness of the other and to make visible the often invisible things (ex. we see better the solitude when there are two people close to each other but not together).

The performance we're creating is based on the idea of Inner Landscapes. Those landscapes that we carry within, sometimes conciously sometimes not. The images we give to some feelings that make us unique, but sometimes alone in those spaces. We like working with the contrast, between things and people, but also the contrast we may carry inside as well. The complexity of emotions that are often difficult to categorise as only positive or negative. Our intent is to use Circus tecniques to materialize those Landscapes (thus those emotions) that are often difficult to put into words, because we do believe in the power of images and feelings that circus can create and that are completely relatable to daily life and not only as extraordinary performances. We like to call it Intra-ordinary circus. Goal of residency: The goal of that residency was to create a first draft of the whole piece. To put together all the material we had, in a first try of dramaturgy. For that, Circus Kapel was an ideal space, because with the bubble it provides, we could dive completly in the work for the whole duration of our stay. We did achieve this goal and in the last day, we were able to show 1h20 to a friend. About the Circus Kapel: Circus Kapel is an ideal space to dive into creation without any interrumptions or distractions.(But before diving, a early morning walk in the city market can give you all the freshness you need!)

Diagonale du Vide working at the Circus Kapel as residents.


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